Internet dating: best tips and ideas

You are meeting someone very special through the internet and the truth is that you like that person a lot. That’s great, but you have to take precautions so that everything goes well and maybe that person you are meeting online will one day become your official partner. Here are some of the best dating tips to help you make it work.

If you are meeting people to find a partner you should be honest with what you say about yourself, that way you can also ask for honesty.

Keep in mind that people show the best version of themselves on the internet and social networks. Remember that photos are leaked, information is manipulated and people will try to look nice on the internet. Therefore, it is better to be guided by your intuition to discover who is sincere and who is not.

If you are chatting with someone you really like and would like them to become your partner, you should make sure that person is single. You should ask them directly if they are single. You can also track him or her online and on all social networks to make sure he or she is not married or engaged to anyone. This will save you a lot of trouble.

If you are meeting someone online, you both like each other, it is essential that you meet in person. If he/she is avoiding the encounter between you it is a very negative sign. He/she may have lied to you about himself/herself, his/her identity, his/her image, being married or any other conflict. That person is not trustworthy, so it is best to eliminate him/her from your life.

Remember: the best way to know that a person is trustworthy when you are getting to know him online is that there is consistency between what he says and the information he displays on social networks. For example, he tells you that he is an important businessman but in his profile he shows himself as someone “hippie” and relaxed. There is no consistency there.